Hassan Syed
CEO at Bir Ventures, CInO at IIE, Board Member at TechCast Global

Hassan Syed

Hassan Syed is the CEO of Bir Ventures and a board member at TechCast Global. Hassan is also one of the founding directors and Chief Innovation Officer at the Institute for Innovators and Entrepreneurs.


A technologist at heart, he has 30+ years of broad international experience and an impressive track record of converting concepts into successful products. As the CEO of Bir Ventures, Hassan leads the development of new ideas and focuses on growing the partners’ network. At TechCast Global, Hassan is leading the development of new technology that will enable TechCast Global Customers in using the same tools that TechCast Global uses for forecasting Emerging Technology Trends.


At Bir Ventures, Hassan amalgamated and leads a collaborative network of 90 professionals from diverse backgrounds. Harnessing the power of this network, he has launched four knowledge-based products in the market, including www.ideagist.com, first ever SaaS-based and the largest virtual business incubator in the world. IdeaGist now connects more than 300 entrepreneurial communities worldwide.


Hassan is always interested in new ideas and always willing to hear about them. He is an advisor to many technology startups.