Lou Carbone
Owner & Founder, Experience Engineering

Lou Carbone

Good, bad, or indifferent, every customer has an experience with your company. But most organizations struggle with how to manage that experience to create maximum value for customers… and the organization.


Carbone isn’t just a thought leader, but a thought provoker. Hailed as being a one-of-a-kind intellectual practitioner, his ability to blend the worlds of academia and 21st century business strategy keeps him on the cutting edge of customer experience management.


As the pioneer widely credited with launching the customer experience management and employee experience movement, he will teach your organization how to leverage the science of total experience management to deliver world-class customer and employee experiences that create engaged and loyal customers and employees.


His charismatic personality and down to earth and amusing take on total experience management has captivated and inspired audiences for years—forever changing the way audience members think about the industry, profession, association or business they are in.


People who hear Lou speak say he transforms the way they look at the customer experience. Whether it’s a keynote presentation, workshop, panel discussion, company-sponsored educational session, attendees learn:

  • The science behind customer experience management.
  • How customer experiences can be leveraged as a value proposition.
  • Why emotion is at the root of the customer experience and how sensory clues impact customers’ perceptions and actions.
  • Why understanding how people think on an unconscious level is today’s most critical competitive edge.
  • How to design and deliver the drivers that create a memorable and meaningful experience.