Steven Hausman, PhD
Hausman Technology Consulting

Steven Hausman, PhD

Dr. Steven J. Hausman is a nationally top-ranked speaker in the areas of science, technology, cybersecurity, engineering and medicine, a recognized futurist, technology consultant and author. His speaking specialties include aging and nutrition, robotics and artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D printing, bionics and human enhancement, wearable technology, biometrics, autonomous and electric vehicles, the Internet of Things, the history of technology, brain-machine interfaces, cybersecurity and security risks of emerging technologies.


He received his doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania in the field of immunology and transplantation genetics and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Cancer Research in Philadelphia before joining the National Institutes of Health where he had a 31-year career as a researcher and Senior Executive.



Traditional forms of manufacturing have been viewed as dirty and outmoded. This presentation will focus on the latest advances in the next generation of manufacturing technologies. Examples will include: 3D printing used to create products that range from aircraft parts to large structures like bridges and homes; robots used in applications as diverse as warehousing, making salads, butchering and building aircraft; and nanomanufacturing to produce high strength steel and fabrics containing biosensors.