Francesco Calabrese, PhD
Executive Director, International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (I2KI)

Francesco Calabrese, PhD

US Army, Engineer Intelligence/Geodesy/ICBM Systems (Veteran-Asia/DC);

Certified Nuclear Weapons Analyst-Los Alamos, Sandia Base, AZ;

Geospatial Intelligence: Satellite Materials Acquisition and change manager/director/Facilitator converting 200 years of cartographic/photogrammetric methods and processes to interstellar space – based digital era.


Systems Engineer/Professional Services Contractor, Inc. (PRC, Public Corporation) [Gov’t. Info.Sys-Sector, President/CEO, Full P&L/ 50 Sites Globally/2,500 Employees];


Adjunct Professor (GW University) MS/PhD, School of Engineering Curriculum – 15 years of Multiple Technology Impact Analyses Projected Unintended Consequences case studies;


Professor (Bangkok University) PhD-Knowledge & Innovation Curriculum, with Technology Impact Analyses Case Studies-6 years;


Founder, International Institute of Knowledge and Innovation, Non-Profit-5 years;


Enterprise ExCellence Management Group, (ExMG) Inc.- 20 years (Founder, Concurrent Consulting Engagements/Pres. CEO)



Convergence – Transformational Evolution from single Technology Analyses of last 20 years to the converging hybrids of several technologies aimed at complex scenario solutions offered in a Yin/Yang realm.  Convergence of Technology Roadmaps must address probable positive and negative consequences of multiple hybrid technology creations such as today’s Blockchain, 3D, AR/VR, Smart Robots, etc in a wide spectrum of economic sectors.